Congratulations to Stephanie Carney, who was selected by her peers as the 2019 UGS Employee of the Year. Stephanie has been with the UGS since 2006; she is currently a Senior Geologist in the Geologic Information and Outreach Program and serves as the UGS Technical Reviewer. Stephanie is at the front line of technical writing and reviewing and is a key component to every UGS publication. Stephanie goes beyond basic editing to help authors improve the flow of text, and she uses her impressive geology background to help ensure that the science is sound. Stephanie goes above and beyond to produce the highest quality publications, providing a level of consistency that helps the entire survey maintain its professionalism and inspires public confidence in our science. She is respectful, accountable, trustworthy, accommodating, meticulous, and has unending patience. She never wavers in her dedication, remaining relentlessly positive and engaged with her work. Stephanie exceeds all expectations, and she is also a genuinely kind and caring person that makes the entire office a more positive place to be. Stephanie is an outstanding employee and deserving recipient of this special award and recognition.