Stop 3: 204 North State Street

In 1890, Charles C. and Millicent Godbe Brooks constructed a 21/2 -story home on this site (sometime later a third story was added).

Charles Brooks, a mining engineer from New York, was appointed U.S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor for Utah, became the Salt Lake County Surveyor for two years, and sat on the Salt Lake County Board of Public Works. From 1888 to 1891 he surveyed the Salt Lake County’s sewer system.

Millicent Brooks was the daughter of William Godbe, founder of the Godbeite movement (a group which broke away from the LDS Church in the late 1860s and early 1870s).

The ground floor, stone wall, and steps were built of Nugget Sandstone, the second floor is brick, and the upper floors are wood covered with shingles.

If you look closely at the front edge of some of the stone steps, you will be able to see curved lines, or cross-bedding, in the stone. These formed when winds lifted the sand grains off the windward slope of a sand dune and then dropped them on the leeward side.

Turn west (right) on 200 North and continue one block west to the McCune Mansion.

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