Stop 20: Frank E. Moss United States Courthouse

350 South Main Street

This courthouse has undergone a major transformation since it was first built. The original building was constructed between 1903 and 1906 and functioned as federal building, courthouse, and central post office.

The Kyune Greystone Company of Utah supplied the grayish-brown Kyune sandstone for the original exterior. At the site, each stone was hand carried and assembled. The Kyune sandstone is a fairly soft rock making it easy to carve into intricate designs.

A portion of the original south wall with its intricate carvings can still be seen in the second floor interior light well. To get there, enter the courthouse through the east doors, take the south elevator to the second floor, travel down the left hall to the end, then turn right.

It wasn’t long before more space was needed and an addition was added to the west of the building in 1912. A final addition to the south was built in 1932.

Due to weathering, there were some serious flaws in the condition of the original stonework, therefore the addition was faced with granite. The original building was also sheathed in granite to match the style of the addition.

Because of its strength, durability, and massive appearance, granite has been a popular building stone for use in imposing and awe-inspiring government structures.

Cross Main Street and travel east on 400 South. Walk to the corner of 400 South and State Street and cross to Washington Square on the southeast corner.

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