Meet Marshosaurus, the Jurassic’s Forgotten Predator

With all the new dinosaurs being discovered these days, some of the ol’ timers are not to be forgotten. Take a look at the Marshosaurus, an ancient Jurassic predator.

I’ve spilled more than a little digital ink over the top carnivores of the Jurassic west. Allosaurus, Ceratosaurus, and Torvosaurus are all very dinosaur-y dinosaurs, checking the boxes for big, scary, and strange. But as I’ve poked around the Morrison Formation bones held at the Natural History Museum of Utah over the past few weeks, I realized I’ve done a disservice to ancient ecology by focusing on the flesh-rippers of the most imposing stature. There was an entire guild of Jurassic carnivores running around North America around 150 million years ago, and one of the least-known – at least to the public – is a mid-sized carnivore named Marshosaurus bicentesimus.