Utah Energy and Mineral Statistics Web Site—Utah’s Comprehensive Source for Historical Energy and Mineral Data

By Michael Vanden Berg

Have you ever wondered how much crude oil, natural gas, and coal is produced in Utah? How does Utah’s residential price of natural gas compare to other states? How much of Utah’s elec­tricity is from renewable resources? The answers to these ques­tions and more can be found in the tables of the Utah Geological Survey’s Utah Energy and Mineral Statistics Web site (geology.utah.gov/sep/energydata).

Utah Energy and Mineral Statistics is a Web-based repository for energy and mineral data for the state of Utah. It contains over 130 tables and 50 figures in nine different chapters. Each chapter is separated into several categories including reserves, production, consumption, and prices. Most tables contain historical numbers dating back to 1960, and the tables are regularly updated as new data become available. These data have been used by govern­ment offices, research institutes, and private industry to calculate everything from state budgets to greenhouse gas emissions. Chapters include:

Chapter 1: Overview of U.S. and Utah Energy Trends

Chapter 2: Coal

Chapter 3: Crude Oil and Petroleum Products

Chapter 4: Natural Gas

Chapter 5: Electricity

Chapter 6: Renewable Resources

Chapter 7: Heating/Cooling Degree Days

Chapter 8: Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Chapter 9: Industrial Minerals and Metals

Survey Notes, v. 40 no. 3, September 2008