UGS Receives Record STATEMAP Geologic Mapping Grant

This summer the Utah Geological Survey initiated its most ambitious geologic mapping effort ever. This increased effort was the direct result of the largest grant the UGS has ever received through the STATEMAP component of the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program. In December 2002, the Program awarded the UGS a grant of $291,417 (which is matched 50:50 through the UGS’s state budget), an increase of over 40% over the previous STATEMAP award of $206,774. Because of the increased award, for the first time, the Geologic Hazards and Environmental Sciences Programs at the UGS will work with the Geologic Mapping Program to complete the mapping commitments. Due to the constantly increasing demand for new and revised geologic maps, the UGS recently submitted a new proposal seeking similar funding for FY ’05 to continue this strong mapping effort.

Survey Notes, v. 36 no. 1, January 2004