Crews tore down a house that fell victim to a slow-moving landslide in North Salt Lake.

The home was one of several in the Spring Hill development in North Salt Lake that suffered damage with the slow movement of the hill.

It took demolition crews less than an hour to tear down a home on Spring Hill Circle Thursday.

Just before noon, they collapsed the home into the foundation. They will then grind up the debris before hauling it away. At a later date, crews will return to the site of the home and remove the foundation and the concrete.

The company that has been working on the demolition have been contracted by the bank that now owns the home after the resident owners moved out about six months ago.

The contractor told KSL the home was coming down one way or another because of the slow-moving landslide that’s been plaguing this area for the past decade and forced many families in the area to leave their homes.

The landslide has already caused a lot of damage. Back in 2009, geologists estimated the landslide was moving about 2 inches a week, equal to about 9 feet a year.

Neighbors say this home is the second in the neighborhood to come down. It’s unclear at this time whether or not other home are scheduled to be demolished.