GeoSights February 19, 2015: Devil’s Playground

GeoSight Devils Playground

Do you think playgrounds are boring? Are you getting sick of the same old swing and slide? Well check out this playground—it rocks!

Devils Playground is not your typical playground at the park, but a playground of granitic rock weathered into fantastic forms and eerie shapes. Located on Bureau of Land Management and state land, Devils Playground is a relatively unknown geologic curiosity found in a remote region of northwestern Utah.

Devils Playground consists of Tertiary-age (approximately 38 million years old) granitic rock formed from a cooling magma body that intruded overlying Paleozoic (400 to 300 million years old) sedimentary rocks. Known as the Emigrant Pass pluton, this intrusion covers an area of approximately 10 square miles in the southern part of the Grouse Creek Mountains.

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