2018 Utah Geological Survey Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Michael Vanden Berg who was named the 2018 UGS Employee of the Year. Mike has been with the UGS for about 14 years; he is currently a Senior Scientist and manages the Energy and Minerals Program. Mike has established an excellent rapport with the petroleum industry through leading field trips, conducting core workshops, and helping to acquire new cores. He is considered a leading expert by both industry and academia on lacustrine systems based on his research on the Great Salt Lake and the Green River Formation in the Uinta Basin. Mike was the general chair of the very successful 2018 American Association of Petroleum Geologists annual meeting in Salt Lake City that greatly benefited Utah economically and showcased the UGS. Mike’s personality endears himself to his peers within and outside the UGS, he mentors younger staff and students without hesitation, and he is a great example of what the upcoming generation of UGS employees should try to emulate. Mike is an outstanding employee and deserving recipient of this special award and recognition.