Colorful Canyon on the Paria Plateau, Kane County, Utah. Photographer: Gregg Beukelman

POTD 12-9-14 Parla Plateau, Kane County

Colorful Canyon on the Paria Plateau, Kane County, Utah
Photographer: Gregg Beukelman

Which came first, the feathers or the birds? Feathers first, scientists now say definitively.  Yet this feathery revelation doesn’t arise from discoveries of ancient birds, but of birds’ ancestors—dinosaurs.


Future volcanologists rejoice! You don’t have to hop a flight to Hawaii to witness firsthand the exciting geology of volcanoes and the power they have, and have had in the past, to shape the land we live on.


A team of scientists from the USGS Geological Hazards Science Center, led by Mendenhall Postdoctoral Fellow Scott Bennett and Research Geologists Ryan Gold, Richard Briggs, Christopher DuRoss, and Stephen Personius are collaborating with scientists at the Utah Geological Survey to gather data from new paleoseismic trenches along the Wasatch fault zone. These new datasets will help researchers to understand if past surface-rupturing earthquakes have spanned fault segment boundaries. They are also analyzing new high-resolution airborne LiDAR topographic data to characterize previously unmapped fault traces and to measure how vertical displacements (vertical offset of the ground surface from faulting) vary, both in space (from north to south) and time (the last 20,000 years).


We’re taking you back with today’s #throwbackthursday 1987 photo featuring the Utah Geological Survey (formerly called Utah Geological and Mineral Survey) Board field trip in Price, UT. Have a great afternoon! #tbt #geology

tbt Board Price Field Trip

A fossil damaged by vandals in September has been removed from its place along the monument’s popular Fossil Discovery Trail so it can be used as a teaching tool.


A continent-sized scan of North America is giving researchers the sharpest view yet of mysterious geological structures underneath the United States.


Mollusk shells along the southwest shore of Bear Lake, Rich County. Photographer: Mark Milligan

POTD Bear Lake Shells 12-2-14

Bear Lake, Rich County, Utah
Photographer: Mark Milligan; © 2013

Mollusk shells along the southwest shore of Bear Lake, Rich County.

Good morning, everyone! Here’s a great read to start the day out with—despite failed efforts to find any leads in the vandalism of a dinosaur fossil, Dinosaur National Monument managers are moving the remaining piece of a damaged sauropod dinosaur’s humerus bone to be preserved as an educational display. Check it out!

The remaining piece of a sauropod dinosaur’s humerus bone damaged by vandals will be moved and preserved as an educational display.