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Salt Lake Tribune

Utahns who want to tap the sun and wind for energy might be eligible for cash rebates of up to nearly $5,000.

The money — which Utahns now can apply for — would come from the state’s share of the federal stimulus aimed at renewable energy.

It would be available to households, small businesses and nonprofit groups that install solar photovoltaic, solar thermal or wind-energy systems, Chris Tallackson, incentives coordinator for the Utah Geological Survey’s State Energy Program, said Monday.

“This program will stimulate employment in grid-tied renewable-energy construction,” he said, “and increase distributed renewable-energy capacity.”

Rebates also will be available for energy-efficient appliances purchased and installed starting May 12.
Reports from the East Coast said that states began offering the rebates at the end of last week, but by Monday they were all taken. That’s because those states allowed residents to reserve the rebates before they actually bought the appliances or installed the systems, Tallackson said.



1. Renewable energy rebate maximums are as follows:
__ _ ___ _ ____ _ Residential      Commercial
Solar Photovoltaic      $8,750             $50,000
Solar Thermal             $2,500             $10,000
Wind                             $4,800             $4,800

2. Appliance rebate
Applications for rebates will be mailed-in by the consumer after purchasing an eligible appliance. There will not be a reservation process for appliance rebates. Rebates will be paid on a first received, first processed basis until funds are exhausted.



Deseret News

Folks waiting to buy a furnace or a water heater might want to hold out a little longer. But if, like Glen Jensen, you’re in need of a dishwasher, go for it.

Utah has finally announced the start date for and published the list of items for which it will offer rebates as part of the Utah State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program.

The state has nearly $2.35 million in federal stimulus money to help people exchange energy-hog appliances for more-efficient models.