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Check out this highlight on our latest press release regarding the large earthquake probability on the Wasatch Front. Remember that the best way to prepare is to make a plan with your family, pets, and friends. Find earthquake preparedness resources at Be Ready Utah or on our website to help you get started!


In light of scientists’ increasing certainty that a large earthquake will hit the Wasatch Front in the next 50 years, experts say it’s time the state quit downplaying its seismic risk.



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Disasters can happen anytime and anywhere. That’s why state officials are urging Utahns to “Be Ready.”


Utah Gov. Gary Herbert has declared this week as Be Ready Utah Week. Do you have a plan in place in the event of a natural disaster?


For 10 years, Be Ready Utah has reached millions of people with simple preparedness messages to get them ready for disaster. The reason is simple: Preparedness saves lives, time, effort and money when disaster strikes. Come celebrate 10 years with us by sharing those messages with your audience.


Maralin Hoff, known as “Utah’s Earthquake Lady” to some, talks about making your own emergency kits. For some great and well rounded advice, this is a great article to check out!


Maralin Hoff, also known as, “Utah’s Earthquake Lady” shared some tips on how to make your own emergency kits. She was given the nickname “Earthquake Lady” by the Red Hills Middle School in Richfield, Utah in 1995 because she demonstrated an earthquake with a 5-room doll house with the real sound of a California earthquake on a CD. Maralin travels all over the state of Utah to present on emergency preparedness. She talked about why it is important for every family member of the household to have a personalized emergency backpack –  and don’t forget the house pets. She says they should have a kit pre-made and if you receive a knock at the door by authorities indicating that you and your family need to evacuate your home due to a fire nearby your kits are ready to grab and you’re out of there. You will be directed to go to a nearby school, church or the American Red Cross shelter-in-place. Have a kit for your place of business and your vehicle as well as home. Keep your kits updated and rotate specific items at least every six months, such as change of clothes size, batteries for flash lights, portable radio, and drinking water. If you are interested in preparedness presentations for your business, school and church, contact your local Emergency Management Agency. You can get more information on the website: BeReadyUtah.gov


Maybe some of you have seen the new movie “San Andreas.” So what could we expect to happen in the event of a giant earthquake on the San Andreas Fault? Read more in this article to find out.


A giant earthquake will strike California this summer. Skyscrapers will topple, the Hoover Dam will crumble and a massive tsunami will wash across the Golden Gate Bridge. Or at least, that’s the scenario that will play out on the big screen in San Andreas.


Like California, Utah is also earthquake country. One of the best forms of preparation is educating yourself and your family on what to do in the event of an earthquake. For more information on what you can do, see Putting Down Roots, or visit www.bereadyutah.gov.


The fear of not knowing what to do in the event of a disaster, how to gather and care for loved ones and how to survive until help arrives can be more traumatizing than the actual disaster.