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When some people think of electricity, it conjures up the image of Founding Father Ben Franklin flying a kite in the rain.

In today’s world, harnessing electricity is as easy as plugging into a wall outlet in a home or apartment — and you don’t have the danger of being hurt by a lightning bolt.

But where does that power come from?

According to students in Kim Rees’ fifth-grade class at the Waterford School in Sandy, the sources vary.

“It comes from the Lake Powell generators,” student Sean Frommelt said. “(The water) turns the big generators.”

“(Turbines) go around really, really fast, which creates electricity,” 11-year old Zach Abrams explained.

Natilyn Gunnell noted that electricity comes from the sun using solar panels. Hunter Sullivan said the wind is also a source of energy generation.

Not bad for a class of 10- and 11-year-olds.


Did you know that Utah Has been a net exporter of energy since 1980? That Utah has the second-lowest price for home heating via natural gas production in 2008 reached an all time high of $2.7 billion?

These are just a few of the facts detailed in a new publication, “Utah’s Energy Landscape,” from the Utah Geological Survey. Michael Vanden Berg, project geologist, said the 41-pages publication provides details bars, graphs, and breakdowns of Utah’s energy resources and is the result of months of comprehensive data gathering.

“This is the first time we’ve put all of this information together in one sources,” he said. “It’s something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while.”




In a new publication from the Utah Geological Survey, Utah’s numerous energy sources are outlined and explained. Geothermal energy is an up and coming energy source gaining more national attention.

Utah is one of six states that have begun harnessing the power of vast geothermal energy reserves for benefit, according to the UGS’s Utah Energy Landscape portfolio. Raser Technologies has three geothermal energy projects in the works for southern Utah, and more companies are looking into building plants.

Though the plants are producing significant amounts of energy, Utah is not abandoning its other sources for energy.

“I don’t really think it’s a switch. It’s more of a mix,” said geologist for the state of Utah, Michael Vanden Berg.


Utah’s Energy Landscape

Michael D. Vanden Berg

Did you know that Utah is one of only six states that generate electricity from geothermal sources? Did you know that Utah recently produced its one billionth ton of coal? Did you know that Utah has the second lowest price for home-heating natural gas in the nation? Did you know that Utah has been a net-exporter of energy since 1980?

These little known facts, along with many more interesting details, can be found in the Utah Geological Survey’s (UGS) new publication Utah’s Energy Landscape – a visual-based comprehensive description of Utah’s entire energy portfolio.

41p. booklet




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