Mudslide causes significant delays in Spanish Fork Canyon

Heavy rain in Utah County led to a mudslide on U.S. 6 in Spanish Fork Canyon Sunday afternoon, the Utah Highway Patrol said.


The Eaglepointe Landslide in Salt Lake City, Utah

One of the many landslide events in the last few days was a slide in the Eaglepointe subdivision in Salt Lake City in Utah.  The development of this landslide was brilliantly caught on a time-lapse video by KUTV reported Holly Menino and 2News photographer Mike Stephen:


Assessing landslide risk falls to Utah homeowners

Homeowners in a mountainside community north of Salt Lake City feared a cracked ridgeline above their property would send a landslide crashing below. They alerted city officials, who hired crews that began to raze the slope but couldn’t prevent a rock and debris from breaking away and smashing into a home.


Landslide damage forces indefinite closure at N. Salt Lake rec center

Evacuated families aren’t the only ones affected by North Salt Lake’s landslide that destroyed a house one week ago.


The buck for safe hillside development stops with Utah cities

“The final failure is unpredictable,” he said of Tuesday’s slide. But, he added, a large crack in the ground opened at the crown of the slide a week before it let loose.


Developer discusses geotechnical studies after home destroyed by landslide

One of our geologists here at the Utah Geological Survey, Adam McKean, talks about the geological makeup of the hill in North Salt Lake that makes it prone to sliding.

Years before one home crumbled in North Salt Lake, the developer behind the project was given the approval by the city to build it.


Experts: Homeowners, developers should educate themselves about potential geological hazardous

Jessica Castleton, a Utah Geological Survey Geologist, talks in further detail on geologic hazard resources for homeowners and developers.

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Concerns are mounting throughout the Wasatch Front following a landslide in North Salt Lake that destroyed one house and put others at risk.


4 homes still at risk from landslide that crushed home

One of our geologists, Jessica Castleton, talks about the North Salt Lake landslide in this KSL 6:30 PM interview segment. The Utah Geological Survey publication, A Plan to Reduce Losses from Geologic Hazards in Utah, mentioned in the interview can be found HERE.

Familes in homes along a hillside here remained displaced following a massive landslide that crushed one house, damaged a tennis and swim club, and placed other homes directly in harm’s way Tuesday morning.


Were there warning signs before the NSL landslide?

One of our geologists here at the UGS, Jessica Castleton, explains the factors that contributed to Tuesday’s early morning North Salt Lake landslide.

The Utah Geological Survey said it has reports dating back as far as the 1980s, identifying the potential for landslides in the same area where a catastrophic slide destroyed one home and forced the evacuation of 27 others.


Trib Talk: Landslides and development

Tune in at 12:15 PM today to hear several geologists talk about landslides and development. Jessica Castleton, one of our geologists here at the Utah Geological Survey, will be joining the discussion. Watch this online video chat at You can also join the discussion by sending questions and comments to the hashtag #TribTalk on Twitter and Google+ or texting 801-609-8059.

When is it safe to build on a hillside?