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Don’t miss this upcoming field forum: Catastrophic mega-scale landslide failure of large volcanic fields
September 16-22, 2017, Cedar City and Bryce Canyon City, Utah

Robert F. Biek—Utah Geological Survey, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, bobbiek@utah.gov
David B. Hacker—Department of Geology, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, USA, dhacker@kent.edu
Peter D. Rowley—Geologic Mapping Inc., New Harmony, Utah, USA, pdrowley@rushisp.com

A 6-day field forum designed to investigate the concept of exceptionally large catastrophic collapse of volcanic fields using the distinguishing characteristics and geologic implications of the gigantic Markagunt gravity slide and Marysvale volcanic field, southwest Utah.

Application deadline: January 31, 2017


Survey Notes v.48 no.1, January 2016

Survey Notes v.48 no.1, January 2016

Our latest issue of Survey Notes is here! Find articles on the new Ogden 30′ x 60′ geological map, the Markagunt Gravity Slide, and more among our regular feature columns.


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One of our Utah Geological Survey geologists, Robert Biek, is an author on the newly discovered Markagunt gravity slide. Located in Utah, the slide has come to be found as one of the world’s largest known landslides (tied for largest, alongside the Heart Mountain gravity slide in northwest Wyoming). Read more about it!


Some things can be too big to notice, as our flat-Earth-believing ancestors can attest, having failed to work out that the surface of the Earth curves around a sphere. Or, as the saying goes, you can focus on the details of some fascinating trees and miss interesting facts about the forest as a whole.