Photo of the Day (POTD): June 19, 2019

Along the Green River, Dinosaur National Monument, Uintah County, Utah. Photo by Jen Miller.

Dinosaur National Monument photo gallery

Dinosaur National Monument is nearing the end of its 100th year. As a tribute to a monument that was millions of years in the making, we’ve compiled a list of some favorite photos from old Deseret News newspapers.


Monument managers moving damaged dino fossil

Good morning, everyone! Here’s a great read to start the day out with—despite failed efforts to find any leads in the vandalism of a dinosaur fossil, Dinosaur National Monument managers are moving the remaining piece of a damaged sauropod dinosaur’s humerus bone to be preserved as an educational display. Check it out!

The remaining piece of a sauropod dinosaur’s humerus bone damaged by vandals will be moved and preserved as an educational display.


Fossil damaged at Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument has regrettably become another site of vandalism as a park ranger discovered damage to a sauropod’s fossilized humerus bone last Tuesday. Park rangers are offering a reward for information about the incident. If you have information, please call 435-781-7715.

Park rangers are offering a reward for information about whoever damaged a fossil at Dinosaur National Monument.


Paleontology Interns Map an Ancient Fossil Deposit at Dinosaur National Monument

Colorado/Utah –Ben Otoo and Nicole Ridgwell are spending the summer living a dream as they scramble and climb among the remains of the long dead. These young paleontologists are photographing and mapping the world famous deposit of ancient bones at Dinosaur National Monument. Their work is part of a multi-institutional effort to bring together the vast historical and scientific information about this great dinosaur quarry and ultimately make it available on-line to both scientists andthe public. With over 1500 dinosaur bones to document, and each bone needing multiple photographs to show all the anatomical details, plus converting several large historic quarry maps with drawings of thousands of bones needing into electronic files, it is a busy, but satisfying season.


Dino Goes Digital, Scientists Map Wall Of Bones

Scientists from Brigham Young University and Dinosaur National Monument have teamed up to map the famous “wall of bones,” a sandstone slab containing more than a thousand dinosaur fossils.


The Original Jurassic Park

Before the movie or even the book, the United States dedicated a park specifically to Jurassic dinosaurs. Dinosaur National Monument straddles the border between Colorado and Utah, a national park stuffed to the canyons with fossils from dinosaurs that roamed long ago.


Massive rockslide closes part of Dinosaur National Monument

A massive rockslide closed part of Dinosaur National Monument.

The National Park Service says the slide is still active and rocks have been falling since Tuesday.

NPS says that on Tuesday, fishermen reported large boulders falling in the area. Park rangers investigated, but found no further activity.