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Another article about earthquake preparedness that refers to a helpful publication, Putting Down Roots. Check it out!


California’s Napa Valley was fortunate that the 6.0 earthquake that struck over the weekend came at 3 a.m., when people generally were asleep and not out in public in large numbers. Property damage was widespread, perhaps topping $1 billion, and slightly less than 200 people were treated for injuries that ranged from minor to serious. It was hardly a minor seismic event.


The recent 6 M earthquake in Napa, California, can serve as a large-earthquake preparedness reminder for us Utahans. Utah is earthquake country, and the Wasatch Front is capable of producing large earthquakes. We can’t predict when or where an earthquake will happen, but we can prepare to the best of our abilities. This article has a great video about what you can do to prepare, and supplies you should have on hand.


The destruction witnessed in Northern California following a 6.0 magnitude earthquake should be a wake up call to citizens here in Utah. Our state could be next.


Check out this GREAT ONLINE PUBLICATION that offers information and preparedness tips for you and your family (even the furry 4-legged ones!).

You can also find other Utah earthquake and geologic hazards information on our WEBSITE.

A little read on the latest quake that shook 50-miles offshore of northern California late last night.


We all have our faults, and that includes planet Earth. Earthquakes, big and small, rattle the globe every day, most recently making news this week with temblors in northern California.