Photo of the Day (POTD): October 3, 2018

Central Wasatch Range, Salt Lake County

Photographer: Zach Anderson © 2018

Pennsylvanian- and Permian-age limestone and sandstone are illuminated by the setting sun near Grandview Peak.

POTD June 21, 2018

San Rafael Swell, Emery County
Photographer: Andy Cvar © 2018
Reduced and oxidized mudstone of the Triassic-age Chinle Formation.

POTD February 27, 2018

Colorado River, Cane Creek anticline, and potash evaporation ponds, San Juan County
Photographer: Adam Hiscock © 2018

POTD February 08, 2018: San Rafael Desert, Wayne County

San Rafael Desert, Wayne County
Photographer: Nathan Payne © 2018

Eolian ripples and dunes composed of sand weathered from Jurassic-age Carmel Formation and Entrada Sandstone provide a sharp contrast to the snowy peaks of the Oligocene-age Henry Mountains laccolith on the horizon.

POTD February 02, 2018

Goblin Valley State Park, Emery County
Photographer: Gregg Beukelman © 2018
Weathering and erosion of the Jurassic-age Entrada Sandstone forms a fantastic array of stone structures locally referred to as “goblins.”

POTD January 24, 2018

Timber Canyon, Duchesne County
Photographer: Ryhan Sempler © 2018

POTD January 04, 2018

Uinta Mountains, Daggett County
Photographer: Emily Kleber © 2018
Evening light in the eastern Uinta Mountains illuminates receding storm clouds and the snow-covered Oligocene-age Bishop Conglomerate in the valley below.

POTD December 4, 2017: Cedar Mesa, San Juan County

Cedar Mesa, San Juan County
Photographer: Tyler Knudsen © 2017
An overhanging ledge of Permian-age Cedar Mesa Sandstone protects ancestral Puebloan ruins in Road Canyon. The informally named “Fallen Roof” ruin owes its name to the prominent spalling and collapse of thin sandstone slabs from the overhang’s ceiling.

POTD November 15, 2017: Salt Lake Valley from Ensign Peak, Salt Lake County. 

Salt Lake Valley from Ensign Peak, Salt Lake County.
Photographer: Mike Hylland © 2017