Landslide Inventory Map of the Ferron Creek area, Sanpete and Emery Counties, Utah
By: Richard E. Giraud and Greg N. McDonald


This map presents a landslide inventory for the Ferron Creek area, Sanpete and Emery Counties, Utah, at a scale of 1:24,000. The purposes of the map and accompanying geodatabase are to show and characterize landslides areas and to provide information useful for managing landslide-related issues. Spatial and tabular data for each landslide are stored in the geodatabase and linked to the inventory map. Landslide information in the geodatabase includes: area, material type, movement type, landslide deposit name, landslide source name, movement activity, thickness, movement direction, approximate movement dates, geologic unit associated with landsliding, confidence in mapped boundaries, mapper, peer reviewer, and general comments.


Cedar Breaks National Monument, Iron County
Photographer: Ken Krahulec © 2017
Headward erosion into the Markagunt Plateau has created the spectacular badlands of the Cedar Breaks amphitheater. The brightly colored rocks of the Claron Formation include limestone, mudstones, sandstone, and conglomerate deposited in streams and lakes around 50 million years ago, as well as ancient soils developed in these deposits.


Bonnie Lake, Uinta Mountains, Duchesne County
Photographer: Ben Erickson © 2017

Blue Hills Overlook, Wayne County
Photographer: Gregg Beukelman © 2017
Early morning light spotlights a mesa in a typical badland landscape composed of easily eroded shaly siltstone and mudstone of the Tununk Shale Member of the Cretaceous-age Mancos Shale. The Ferron Sandstone, also a member of the Mancos Shale, is in the foreground.