Before the movie or even the book, the United States dedicated a park specifically to Jurassic dinosaurs. Dinosaur National Monument straddles the border between Colorado and Utah, a national park stuffed to the canyons with fossils from dinosaurs that roamed long ago.


Another weekend gone by, and a photo to greet you on your Monday morning. Who went somewhere fun this weekend?

Courthouse Rock near Moab, Grand County, Utah
Photographer: Jay Hill; © 2012

In Oklahoma, the largest-ever recorded earthquake was caused in part by operations related to oil and gas production. Now, the United States Geological Survey and the Oklahoma Geological Survey say that ongoing oil and gas operations have raised the risk of a large earthquake hitting again.


What a great photo to start the weekend with!

Bryce Canyon National Park, Garfield County, Utah
Photographer: Lance Weaver; © 2012

Spanish Fork Peak, Utah County, Utah
Photographer: Buck Ehler; © 2012

Spanish Fork Canyon and Spanish Fork Peak, Utah County.

A new species of dinosaur has been unearthed in southern China — a long-snouted tyrannosaur.



A new species of dinosaur has been unearthed in southern China — a long-snouted tyrannosaur.

Looking for any dinosaur in particular? Check out this fun website to find and compare your favorite dinos!


It’s not hard to find natural wonders within Yellowstone National Park, but the park’s largest hot spring might be the most remarkable, and not just for its size: dubbed the Grand Prismatic Spring, the hot spring radiates extremely hot waterand stunning prismatic color—from its center.


After perusing through some of our old pictures, this gem showed up for today’s #throwbackthursday geology/history lesson. This old postcard shows off the geyser in Woodside, UT which is now merely a railroad ghost town (and a llama) along Highway 6 about 25 miles north of Green River. Like Crystal Geyser, the geyser in Woodside is also carbon dioxide driven and erupts from an old well. #tbt

Perhaps some of you remember KSL’s article of the town’s sale. Read the article HERE.

The hot topics of fracking and drilling-induced seismicity will be the focus of a keynote speech by Distinguished Lecturer Donald Clarke. Gas field fracking is the fracturing of deeply buried rocks under extremely high pressures to enhance oil and gas flow toward wells. Drilling-induced seismicity is the triggering of earthquakes through oil and gas production activities.