Until now, Utah’s online geologic maps were difficult for the general public to find and view, lacking an online interface. With the advent of ArcGIS for Server, displaying Utah’s geologic maps in one online location is now possible: http://geology.utah.gov/apps/intgeomap/index.html

A mosaic of over 400 of Utah’s geologic maps is draped over the user’s choice of base map. Map scales range from 1:500,000 (less detail) to 1:24,000 (more detail). While zooming in with the application, maps of greater detail will begin showing up where they are available, answering the question, “What am I standing on?”. This application works on any web-browser and looks great on tablets. Utah’s expansive geologic formations are described in detail in the right pane of the application by clicking anywhere on the map. Users have the option to download GIS data (raster/vector), and each map’s corresponding report. Check back often as there will be additional maps added in the future. Feel free to provide feedback—we are looking for ways to improve the application.