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Learn more about the mysteries of the Uinta Mountains and the ancient volcanoes of the Central Wasatch Range.

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What Makes A Volcano Dangerous? People

Most of the world’s volcanoes are located deep beneath the sea surface along the mid-ocean ridges where the Earth’s crust spread and creates new ocean floor. Volcanoes on land often occur in subduction zones, where one tectonic plate is diving beneath another, or hotspots created by mantle plumes deep within the planet.


Molten magma less of a menace

New research from the University of Utah shows the magma chamber underlying Yellowstone National Park is less molten — and potentially more stable — than previously believed.


How Did Earth's Tectonic Plates Form? Scientists Offer New Explanation

Earth’s tectonic plates may have taken as long as 1 billion years to form, researchers report today in Nature.