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Rozel Point, Great Salt Lake, Box Elder County, Utah.
Photographer: Ken Krahulec

The 1500-foot-long Spiral Jetty, built in 1970 of black Tertiary-age basalt, is the  principal earthwork of the  prominent American sculptor Robert Smithson.

Bryce Canyon National Park, Garfield County, Utah
Photographer: William Lund

The Pink Cliffs (Eocene-age Claron Formation) form the uppermost step of southwestern Utah’s spectacular Grand Staircase.





Head of Sinbad, San Rafael Swell, Emery County
Photographer: J. Buck Ehler

Dutchman Arch guards the path to Devil’s Racetrack, a popular recreation trail in the San Rafael Swell. Named after a local Dutch cattleman, the arch is composed of the Jurassic-age Wingate Sandstone deposited in ancient sand dunes.

Little Cottonwood Canyon, Wasatch Range, Salt Lake County
Photographer: Valerie V. Davis

Viewed across Albion Basin from the Secret Lake trail, the southfacing slopes of the Flagstaff Mountain area reveal tilted Cambrian- to Pennsylvanian- age strata. The deformation of these rocks attests to the severe folding, faulting, and tilting undergone by this mountain range.