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How was everyone’s Labor Day weekend? We hope you had a chance to relax and get out into Utah’s awesome geology. Speaking of Utah’s awesome geology, who caught this phenomenon in the news this weekend? One of our geologists, Bill Lund, gives some possible reasoning behind the event.


Farmers in southern Utah are scratching their heads and trying to figure out what caused an unusual phenomenon in an irrigation pond. Earlier this week, Gary Dalton of Circleville discovered a mysterious crater that suddenly appeared under the water.


Fishlake National Forest, Piute County, Utah
Photographer: Tyler Knudsen

Storm clouds gather over Mount Belknap (12,137 feet) in the Tushar Mountains, Utah’s third-highest range. The smooth, rounded slopes of this summit ridge are composed of easily eroded volcanic ash and lava flows. The mountains are part of the eruptive center of the Marysvale volcanic field, an area of intense volcanic activity between 32 and 22 million years ago.