Washington Tragedy Heightens Mudslide Concerns Across Country

One of our geologists, Rich Giraud, talks about the landslide dangers in Utah in this brief article. Check it out!

In Utah talk of mudslides dredges up memories of the thistle slide that wiped out the small Utah town in 1983.The historic Utah slide unlike the one in Washington did not see a loss of life, no one was even hurt.


Mudslides: Could it happen here

A week after a hillside collapse swept away homes in the small town of Oso, Washington, it now appears the death toll could rise into the dozens.


And another article that further explains the landslide risk in Utah—

Experts discuss landslide danger in Utah

With the recent deadly landslide in Washington, and the recent wet weather in Utah, FOX 13 News asked local geology experts about a similar landslide risk in northern Utah, a region prone to landslides in the past.


Which States Are Prone to Landslides — and How Can You Prepare? 

While a landslide can theoretically occur anywhere there is elevated terrain, some areas of the nation are more prone to the phenomenon than others — like Washington state, where a mudslide destroyed a community and claimed at least 14 lives on Saturday.


Read further about landslides and Kennecott Copper Mine’s slide last year—likely the largest landslide in modern U.S. history.

Weather Extremes: Worst Landslides in U.S. History

As Jeff Masters recently blogged the Oso, Washington landslide has taken the lives of at least 14 people and perhaps many more. How does this slide compare to other such events in U.S. history?


Mudslides Explained: Behind the Washington State Disaster

An informative read on mudslides and the contributing natural factors that cause incidents like the recent Washington State mudslide disaster.

A fatal mudslide in rural northwestern Washington State over the weekend underscores the dangers of this fast-moving natural hazard.