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March 23, 1769 marks the birthday of pioneering stratigrapher William Smith, who is also credited with creating the first useful geological map, however like many other great accomplishments also Smith’s idea of depicting the distribution of rocks on a topographic map didn’t materialize out of nowhere.


Geophysical maps provide insight into an area’s geology by illuminating features and characteristics not apparent from a geologic map alone. Data collected from geophysical surveys are used to create maps showing the variability in physical properties of different rock types including density, thermal attributes, seismic velocity, magnetic susceptibility and other electromagnetic parameters.



The Utah Department of Natural Resources has opened an online bookstore to complement its existing store at department headquarters.

Customers can now buy topographic and recreational maps at mapstore.utah.gov.

Bookstore manager Pat Stokes says many customers have been frustrated by construction on the North Temple viaduct. She says the online bookstore will allow customers to shop at their own convenience and allow anyone unable to visit the physical store to
continue to shop.

Besides maps, the store features a variety of recreational and historical books as well as geologic publications.

The physical store is open Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.