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By: Janice M. Hayden

The Yellowjacket Canyon 7.5′ quadrangle is divided north-south by the Sevier fault zone with the lower Navajo Sandstone and older rocks creating the Vermilion Cliffs step of the Grand Staircase on the up-thrown block to the east, and the upper Navajo Sandstone and younger rocks creating the White Cliffs step of the Grand Staircase on the down-dropped block to the west. Exposed strata range from the Triassic Petrified Forest Member of the Chinle Formation to the Jurassic Co-op Creek Limestone Member of the Carmel Formation. Eoloian sand dunes, including those of Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, stretch northeast to southwest across the map area.

This CD contains geographic information system (GIS) files in ESRI file geodatabase and shapefile formats. Also included are two plates-the geologic map at 1:24,000 and the explanation sheet-both in PDF format. The latest version of Adobe Reader is required to view the PDF files. Specialized GIS software is required to use the GIS files.

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