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Antelope Island State Park, Davis County

Photographer: Nikki Simon © 2016


Antelope Island is the largest of about a dozen islands in Great Salt Lake. Numerous
ancient lake shorelines cross the slopes of Antelope Island, recording the rise and fall of
Ice Age Lake Bonneville in late Quaternary time.

Notch Peak National Natural Landmark, House Range, Millard County, Utah
Photographer: Matt Affolter

Cambrian- to Ordovician-aged carbonate rocks (limestone and dolomite) make up Notch Peak, where a 2,200-foot cliff (possibly the tallest carbonate cliff in North America) leads to a deep canyon on the west side of the peak. Pink, Jurassic-aged granite is exposed at the foot of the mountain, and scattered deposits of white, clayey marl deposited in Lake Bonneville during the late Pleistocene are present on the valley floor.