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Earth Science Week is in full swing at the Utah Geological Survey this week.

Our stream trailer allows students to create and destroy a river landscape while learning about deposition and erosion.


The “turtle” hoodoo in Bryce Canyon National Park appears to have lost its head. Tucked away for eternity, read more about the eroded redrock icon in this article.


It looks like Bryce Canyon’s “turtle” has lost its head.


We had a great second day at our #EarthScienceWeek! The Utah Geological Survey hosts hands-on activities for school groups during October. Check out our Stream Station as students learn about soil erosion.

Some of our geologists are studying the hazards in this area. Take a look at this article at what they have to say about the rock-fall hazards and other geologic hazards present in Washington County.


Communities from La Verkin to Springdale have “significant geologic hazards” along State Route 9, according to a report released on Thursday by the Utah Geological Survey (UGS).



In recent years geologists have hotly debated the age of the Grand Canyon. Some think it’s young (just 6 million years old), while others argue that it dates back 70 million years — to the days of dinosaurs.