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Dixie National Forest, Garfield County

Photographer: Brian Butler © 2018

Jurassic-age Navajo Sandstone cliffs of Death Hollow, as seen from Hells Backbone, glow serenely in the evening twilight.

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Dixie National Forest, Iron County, Utah
Photographer: Robert F. Biek; © 2012

Hancock Peak (elevation 10,598 feet) is one of many cinder cones that dot the Markagunt Plateau east of Cedar City. Engelmann spruce trees, many of which were killed by spruce bark beetles, and colorful quaking aspen blanket the cinder cone and associated lava flow, which are estimated to be about 600,000 years old.

Dixie National Forest, Garfield County, Utah
Photographer: Robert F. Biek; © 2012

Colorful volcanic sandstone and mudstone of the Brian Head Formation record initiation of volcanic activity in southwest Utah about 36 million years ago. Here, Eocene-age Brian Head deposits form rugged badlands at the south end of the Sevier Plateau.

Pine Park, Dixie National Forest, Washington County, Utah.
Photographer: Tyler Knudsen

Stone domes and minarets in relatively soft volcanic tuff shaped by wind and water.

Dixie National Forest, Kane County, Utah
Photographer: Tyler Knudsen

Golden aspen, blue sky, and dark basaltic lava provide dramatic contrast along the Navajo Lake Loop Trail on the Markagunt Plateau. The geologically young Quaternaryage lava erupted from a nearby cinder cone and flowed across Duck Creek, creating a natural dam that formed Navajo Lake.