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Here’s a rockin’ scenic view to jump start another weekend!

The Rimrocks, Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monument, Kane County, Utah
Photographer: Taylor Boden; © 2012

Spire-like formations called “toadstools” form where resistant sandstone boulders of Cretaceous-age Dakota Formation (toadstool caps) protect the underlying, softer, Jurassic-age Entrada Sandstone (toadstool stems) from erosion. Beneath their protective caps, the spires stand tall above the surrounding eroded landscape.

Factory Butte, Wayne County, Utah
Photographer: Stevie Emerson; © 2012

The Muley Canyon Sandstone Member of the Cretaceous-age Mancos Shale forms a protective cap at the top of Factory Butte, allowing it to tower 1,500 feet above badlands of the easily erodible Blue Gate Shale Member. These rocks record the existence of an inland sea covering much of Utah around 90 million years ago.

Have a fun and safe weekend, everyone!

Hovenweep National Monument, San Juan County, Utah
Photographer: Ken Krahulec; ©2011

Ancient Anasazi dwellings built with blocks of Cretaceous-age Dakota Sandstone at Hovenweep National Monument, southeastern San Juan County.

Straight Cliffs Formation, Garfield County, Utah
Photographer: Jim Kirkland

Hoodoos in the Calico sandstone of the Cretaceous-age Straight Cliffs Formation, Garfield County, Utah

San Rafael Swell, Emery County, Utah
Photographer: Taylor Boden

Boulders of Cretaceous-age Ferron Sandstone, eroded from the top of a distant butte, have come to rest on the Cretaceous-age Mancos
Shale on the west flank of the San Rafael Swell.