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Geologic map of the Johnson Lakes quadrangle, Kane County, Utah, and Coconino County, Arizona,

By: Janice M. Hayden

The Johnson Lakes quadrangle includes parts of the Chocolate (Shinarump) and Vermilion Cliff steps of the Grand Staircase in the southwest part of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Reddish-brown Lower Jurassic strata of the Vermilion Cliffs dominate the map area. Overall, strata dip gently to the northwest. They are cut by the Paunsaugunt fault at the east edge of the map area, and by several minor, mostly down-to-the-west normal faults. A variety of surficial deposits locally conceal bedrock, including broad alluvial and eolian surfaces deeply incised by modern arroyos. “Picture stone” from the Shinarump Conglomerate Member of the Chinle Formation is quarried locally.

This CD contains geographic information system (GIS) files in ESRI file geodatabase and shapefile formats. Also included are two plates-the geologic map at 1:24,000 and the explanation sheet-both in PDF format. The latest version of Adobe Reader is required to view the PDF files. Specialized GIS software is required to use the GIS files.


Hydrogeochemistry, geothermometry, and structural setting of Thermal Springs in northern Utah and southeastern Idaho,

By:Brennan Young, Katherine, Shervais, Moises Ponce-Zepeda, Sari Rosove, James Evans

This CD contains a 29-page report conducted by undergraduate researchers at Utah State University during 2010 and 2011 under the direction of Dr. James P. Evans. It includes data collected from hot springs in northern Utah and southeastern Idaho, including location, temperature, acidity, salinity, cation concentrations, and maximum reservoir temperature estimates acquired through the application of several cation geothermometers.