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We know this weekend was a soggy one for most of us here in Utah. Here’s an article talking about some of the flooding around the state after this last weekend’s heavy rains. We hope everyone is safe and sound as flood water recede.


A state of emergency was declared in Carbon County and Wellington city on Sunday, where as many as two dozen additional homes were damaged by flooding this weekend — along with many others.


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More than 20 homes are damaged after flash flooding in Carbon County overnight.



The rains that have triggered flooding and mudslides this week were expected to ease going into the midweek, but that will come too late for homeowners in northern and central Utah.


Sun Advocate

With the Scofield Pleasant Valley Plan going before the county commission for final approval later this year, new development regulations will likely come into effect. However, throughout the approval process, many questions arose concerning the water quality in Scofield reservoir, because it supplies most of the county’s drinking water. While many questions were answered, a few remained unresolved. Now Carbon County and the Utah Division of Water Quality (DWQ) are considering conducting an extensive ground water study in the Pleasant Valley area. Although funding is not yet secured, most personnel who are involved with the project are confident that an agreement between the county and the state can be arranged.