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Students unearth Provo’s Hinckley mounds to find history of past dwellers, and clues that provide answers for future development considerations.


Not far from the bustling center of Provo, students have been working to uncover details about the lives of those who lived in the area more than a thousand years ago.


Salt Lake’s oldest resident? Read more on the ancient pit home unearthed in a Salt Lake City suburb, Sandy.


When utility company workers entered Dimple Dell Park in Sandy, Utah (a suburb of Salt Lake City), they were there to replace a gas pipeline. Instead, the Salt Lake Tribune’s Christopher Smart reports, they ended up uncovering evidence of a 1,500-year-old pit home that turned the park into an archaeological dig.



David Roberts is a well-known mountaineer who made the first ascents of some of Alaska’s most challenging peaks. For his new book, The Lost World Of The Old Ones: Discoveries in The Ancient Southwest, he set off with a backpack to explore some of the remotest corners of the American Southwest. Rappelling down cliffs to reach ancient granaries, or stumbling across artifacts that have not been touched for 1,000 years, he follows the trail of long vanished peoples.