Wetland Outreach and Education

Distributing outreach and educational materials to the public is an important component of natural resource conservation. The materials listed below were developed by state and national organizations to educate students and the public about the importance of wetland resources.

Educator Resources

Friends of Great Salt Lake Lakeside Learning Field Trips

Friends of Great Salt Lake Educator Resources

Utah’s Wonderful Wetlands, An Educator’s Activity Guide

The Nature Conservancy Wings and Water Wetlands Education Program
Tour information, field guides, and classroom activities developed for 4th grade students along the Wasatch Front to learn about Great Salt Lake wetlands.

Utah’s Wonderful Wetlands: An Educator’s Activity Guide
A resource for 4th grade educators.

EPA Wetlands Education
EPA recommended educator resources.

Duck’s Unlimited Educators Site
A resource site enabling educators to create engaging curriculum about wetland habitat and wetland animals.

Earth’s Kids:Ponds and Wetlands Science
Educational and support resources for parents, teachers, and kids.

National Geographic Education: Wetlands
Collection of wetland content from National Geographic Education.

Society of Wetland Scientists: Wetland-related Educational Resources
Materials to facilitate sharing of techniques, skills, tools, and ideas on and about wetland education. Content is intended for college and university professors, teaching assistants, and students.

Restoration and Protection Guidance

ASWM Wetland Restoration

Guides for wetland restoration

Fact Sheets

EPA Wetland Fact Sheets
General wetland and regulatory information with links to state, tribal, and federal wetland programs as well as planning and partnership programs.

West Davis Corridor Wetlands Fact Sheet
Wetlands found in the West Davis Corridor study area.