Hydrologic Cycle & Springs

Hydrologic Cycle & Springs

Information on the Hydrologic Cycle specific to Utah

Roosevelt Hot Springs Geothermal Area, Beaver County

Gandy Warm Springs, Northwestern Millard County, Utah

Cascade Springs, Wasatch County

Wasatch Warm Springs, Salt Lake County

The Midway hot pots – natural hot springs, Wasatch County, Utah

Is there winter scuba diving in Utah?

Interactive Map of Geothermal Wells and Springs in Utah

Utah Well & Spring Database

Survey Notes Articles
Technical Reports & Maps


Utah Wetland Information Center
The Utah Wetland Information Center (UWIC) provides a broad spectrum of wetland-related resources from spatial data to outreach and educational materials. The goal of the UWIC is to enhance the wetland program in Utah and act as a catalyst to encourage collaboration across state and federal agencies, research institutions, private organizations, and the public.

Wetland Publications

Monitoring Data

West Desert Groundwater Monitoring Network

Groundwater Monitoring Data Portal
The UGS developed the Groundwater Monitoring Data Portal to store and distribute large quantities of monitoring data acquired through the West Desert Groundwater Monitoring-Well Project (including Snake Valley) and other projects.

Well Logs

Well Logs

Water Well Logs, Utah Division of Water Rights
These logs contain links to well logs/geologic logs.