Produced-Water Management Tools, Uinta Basin, Utah

Basin-Scale Produced-Water Management Tools and Options
GIS-Based Models and Statistical Analysis of Shale Gas/Tight Sand Reservoirs and Their Produced-Water Streams, Uinta Basin, Utah

Funded by Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA): Small Producer Program and the Utah Geological Survey


  • Create basin-wide, digital produced-water management tools.
  • Integrate produced-water character, water disposal/reuse, water transport, and groundwater sensitivity factors to allow for quicker and more efficient regulatory and management decisions related to unconventional gas developments.
  • Investigate the option of beneficial use of produced-water treatment for geothermal heat recovery or power generation.
  • Promote maximized produced-water reuse which will minimize use of freshwater in unconventional gas development and production.
  • Compile Uinta Basin produced-water management practices and recommend best practices.
  • Seek to increase protection of critical Uinta Basin alluvial aquifers.