Utah Well & Spring Database

The Well & Spring database contains data of 2981 wells, springs, and miscellaneous sites such as collector wells and mines.

The database is downloadable in the following file formats:

ut_wells_springs_data.xls Microsoft Excel
ut_wells_springs_data.txt Tab-delimited text
ut_wells_springs_data.dbf DBase
Data Field Descriptions pdf

Data fields include name, identification numbers, location including county, region, USGS well & spring nomenclature, public land system coordinates, longitude-latitude, and UTM coordinates, temperature and temperature class (above or below 25°C), depth, flow, status, date, references, pH, conductivity, and chemical content.

The data are from Blackett, R.E., and Wakefield, S.I., 2002, Geothermal resources of Utah, a digital atlas of Utah’s geothermal resources: Utah Geological Survey, OFR-397, CD-ROM.