Energy & Mineral Research

Characterization of Utah’s Hydrocarbon Reservoirs, Metals, and Industrial Minerals


The Utah Geological Survey, using mineral lease funds, started a new program in 2004 titled Characterization of Utah’s Hydrocarbon Reservoirs and Potential New Reserves. In 2010 the scope of these research projects was broadened to include all energy and mineral resources in Utah.

The program is designed to help

  1. improve the state’s assessment of its hydrocarbon resources,
  2. identify reservoir features, untapped compartments, or recovery techniques to encourage more effective exploitation of proven reserves, and
  3. expand the understanding of the depositional history, trapping mechanism, source rocks, and generation/migration of hydrocarbons to promote exploration for new or untapped hydrocarbon resource

2015 Funded Research Projects

  1. Cook, P.S., 2016, Sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Middle Jurassic Preuss Sandstone in northern Utah and eastern Idaho:  Provo, Brigham Young University, M.S. thesis 50 p.
  2. Geologic Mapping and Analysis of the Beaver 1:100,000-Scale, Cave Canyon 1:24,000-Scale, and Adamsville 1:24,000-Scale Quadrangles, Utah: Peter D. Rowley, Consulting Geologist, Geologic Mapping, Inc.
  3. Groundwater Resources in Goshen Valley, Utah: Assessing Water Quality Impacts from Agriculture, Legacy Mining, Playa Soils, Septic Tanks, and Geothermal Waters: Greg Carling, Brigham Young University
  4. Digital Lithofacies Characterization of the Green River Formation, Eastern Utah: Paul Jewel, Lauren Birgenheier, and Lisa Stright, University of Utah


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