Energy & Mineral Resources

Oil & GasContains information on oil and gas in Utah, DOE reservoir characterization studies, Uinta Basin water studies, microbialites, and well log links.
Coal & Coalbed MethaneInformation on coal production, coalbed methane, and mercury in coal; abandoned coal mine maps and coal publications.
GeothermalGeothermal energy is heat that originates within the earth. Information about geothermal use in Utah, springs & wells, and National Geothermal Data System.
Oil ShaleOil shale must be heated to convert the organic matter into oil. Page contains Uinta Basin water study, presentations, publications and links.
Oil Sands/Tar SandsOil sands or tar sands are sandstones that are saturated with black, heavy hydrocarbons. Utah’s oil sand resource is the largest in the United States.
Carbon SequestrationGeo-sequestration, long term storage in underground geologic formations, is one proposed way to reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere.
Mineral ResourcesInformation, publications, and maps on mineral resources and mining in Utah.
Energy & Mineral StatisticsWeb-based repository for energy and mineral data for the State of Utah containing over 130 tables.
Energy & Mineral Resource MapsMaps show where energy and mineral resources have been found in Utah.
Energy & Mineral ResearchUGS-funded research projects on Utah’s hydrocarbon reservoirs, metals, and industrial minerals.
Utah Core Research CenterThe Utah Core Research Center contains the region’s only publicly available and most complete collection of geologic cuttings and core from Utah.
Energy NewsSurvey Notes articles on current UGS energy news.