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Interactive Maps/Databases

Interactive Maps/Databases

Geologic Map Portal
Explore detailed geologic maps; download georeferenced images & reports; view geologic formation information.

Utah Quaternary Fault and Fold Database
This database is a compilation of existing information on faults and fault-related folds considered to be potential earthquake sources.

Aerial Imagery Collection
Search, view, and download aerial photographs and imagery of Utah.
Sample Images

Utah Geochronology Database
Contains ages and related dating information of sampled geologic materials collected in fault trench investigations to determine the timing of past earthquakes.

Utah Wetlands
Mapped to National Wetland Inventory (NWI) standards and reclassified into six wetland types.

Groundwater Monitoring Data Portal
Access monitoring data from West Desert (includes Snake Valley) and Wasatch Front groundwater monitoring projects.

Utah Mineral Occurrence System (UMOS)
Contains data from over 7900 economic mineral occurrences.

Utah Mining Districts
Contains major metal production data for over 180 mining districts (updated through 2012).

Utah Mineral Resource Canadian NI Technical Reports
View Canadian National Instrument Technical Reports for mineral properties in Utah.

Abandoned Coal Mine Maps of Utah
Maps for 58 percent of the abandoned coal mines in Utah.

Non-Petroleum Well Data
Contains non-confidential old paper well data for non-petroleum exploration holes drilled in Utah.

Geothermal Wells & Springs of Utah

Utah Core Research Center Inventory
Contains the region’s only publicly available and most complete collection of geologic cuttings and core from Utah.

GeoData Archive System
Contains Utah geologic- and wetlands-related scanned documents, photographs (except aerial), and other digital materials from our files and those gathered from other agencies or organizations.

UGS Library Catalog
Search catalog by words or phrase, title, author, subject, keyword, series, or periodical title.

National Geologic Map Database (USGS outside link)
The National Geologic Map Database Project is a collaborative effort primarily involving the USGS and the Association of American State Geologists.

Oil & Gas Well Logs (DOGM outside link)
This database allows researchers to view scanned logs of Utah oil and gas wells.

Water Well Logs (DWRi outside link)
Conduct a well log search by Section, Township, and Range as well as by map search.



Utah Energy and Mineral Statistics
A web-based repository for energy and mineral data for the State of Utah.

GIS Map Data
GIS map data files are produced from published or open-filed geologic maps with a variety of spatial data which can include topographic features, geologic units, energy or mineral resources, and geologic hazards.

Analytical Data
Includes raw 40Ar/39Ar data, whole-rock geochemical data, and other technical laboratory analyses gathered in support of various geologic projects.

National Geothermal Data System (NGDS)
The NGDS is a DOE-funded distributed network of databases and data sites that collectively form a system for the acquisition, management and maintenance of geothermal and related data.

LiDAR Elevation Data
LiDAR data acquired for use in various geologic mapping and research projects. Landslides, fault scarps, and other features that are difficult to detect visually because of vegetation, access, or other issues, may often be clearly shown in LiDAR data.

Community Velocity Model (CVM) and Other Geophysical Data
To aid in producing ground-shaking maps, the UGS has compiled databases of shallow shear-wave velocities and deep-basin structures.

Excel Databases

Excel Databases


Powder Mountain hydrology data release and associated Progress Presentation to Utah Division of Water Rights
January 2015

Water-level data from wells in the Cedar Valley study area
from Hydrogeology and simulation of groundwater flow in Cedar Valley, Utah County, Utah and Plates (pdf)
Special Study 145 2013


Preliminary Landslide History Database of Utah, 1850-1978
Provides mostly non-technical information on landslide events that occurred from 1850 to 1978.

Earthquake database for Utah Geological Survey Map 277—Utah earthquakes (1850–2016) and Quaternary faults
Consists of catalogs for the earthquake epicenters shown on Utah Geological Survey Map 277.
Data file (zip) contains spreadsheets
Map 277

Energy & Minerals

Utah Mineral Occurrence System (UMOS)
Contains data from over 7900 economic mineral occurrences.

UCRC Inventory Database
Inventory of geologic cuttings and core from Utah stored at the UCRC.

Abandoned coal mine data and georeferenced images
Readme file (pdf)

Great Salt Lake brine chemistry database

Paradox salt and potash database
from Well database and maps of salt cycles and potash zones of the Paradox Basin, Utah (zip)
UGS Open-File Report 600, 2013

Well database of salt cycles of the Paradox Basin, Utah
Database description (pdf)
UGS Open-File Report 581, 2011
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Well Data from Shale-Gas Project: Paleozoic Shale-Gas Resources of the Colorado Plateau and Eastern Great Basin, Utah

Well Data from Green River Oil & Gas Study (2001)
found on Reservoir Characterization of the Lower Green River Formation Southwest Uinta Basin, Utah

For Uinta Basin Oil Shale Studies:

Water chemistry database for wells in the Uinta Basin, Uintah County, and extended areas in surrounding counties
from Baseline water quality and estimated quantity for selected sites in the southeastern Uinta Basin, Utah (pdf)
UGS Open-File Report 595, 2012

Water Chemistry Database
from Moderately saline groundwater in the Uinta Basin, Utah
UGS Special Study 144, 2012
Report and plates at Uinta Basin Water Study

For Geothermal Studies:

Compiled dataset of solute chemistry with depth
from Summary of compiled fluid geochemistry with depth analyses in the Great Basin and adjoining regions (pdf)
UGS Open-File Report 603, 2012

Compiled dataset of permeability with depth measurements
from Summary of compiled permeability with depth measurements for basin fill, igneous, carbonate, and siliciclastic rocks in the Great Basin and adjoining regions (pdf)
UGS Open-File Report 602, 2012

Utah Geothermal Well & Spring Data
The Well & Spring database contains data of 2981 wells, springs, and miscellaneous sites such as collector wells and mines.

Utah Temperature Gradient Data (xls)
Database Description – Geothermal Gradient Data for Utah
from UGS Open-File Report 431, 2004