Geologic Guides

Virtual and Field Trip-Style Geologic Guides for Outdoor Enthusiasts, Teachers, Parents, and the Community

Virtual Geologic Guides

GeoSights Tour

Explore lesser-known geologic interest sites and learn about the geology that created them. Interactive Map and photos cover a range of geologic themes!

G.K. Gilbert Geologic View Park

This geologic park showcases several world-class examples of geologic features with five geologic interpretive signs.

Explore the Central Wasatch Front Canyons

Includes City Creek, Emigration, lower Parleys, Millcreek, Big Cottonwood, and Little Cottonwood Canyons.

Building Stones of Downtown Salt Lake City

A virtual walking tour of unique building stones in downtown Salt Lake City.

3D Geologic Maps

Geologic map overlays allow viewers to see geology in three dimensions. Placemarks highlight unique geologic features.


Includes interactive maps, videos, and downloadable educational resources.

All Interactive Maps

Explore interactive maps that cover the full range of geology resources. Some of the most viewed include mining and mineral resources, groundwater and hot springs, dinosaur and fossil sites, geologic maps, rockhounding locations, Utah faults, and many more.

Additional Geologic Guide Resources

Geologic Guides for Download

Geologic Guide to the Central Wasatch Front Canyons

Salt Lake County, Utah
Public Information Series #87

Geology and Scenery of the Central Wasatch Range

Salt Lake and Summit Counties; road log
Public Information Series #9

The Geology of Snow Canyon State Park

Washington County, Utah
Public Information Series #13

A Geologic Tour Through Wasatch Mountain State Park

Miscellaneous Publication 93-6

Canyon Country: A Geologic Guide to the Canyonlands Travel Region

Public Information Series #34

The Geology of Quail Creek State Park

Public Information Series #63

The Geology of Goblin Valley State Park

Public Information Series #65

Geologic Tours of Northern Utah

Miscellaneous Publication 92-1

Geologic Guide and Road Logs of the Willow Creek, Indian, Soldier Creek, Nine Mile, Gate, and Desolation Canyons, Uinta Basin, Utah

Open-file Report 407