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Rock Talk Series – Minerals

From 2020 Earth Science Week. Rocks are made of minerals that come in thousands of varieties. Learn how we identify and classify minerals.

Rock Talk Series – Igneous

From 2020 Earth Science Week. Volcanoes, magma, and lava create some of the youngest rocks on Earth in many different forms and sizes.

Rock Talk Series – Sedimentary

From 2020 Earth Science Week. Formed from weathering and erosion, deposition, and cementation, sedimentary rocks are the most common rocks on Earth’s surface.

Rock Talk Series – Metamorphic

From 2020 Earth Science Week. Heat and pressure are the ingredients to create a metamorphic rock. Learn about some of the oldest rocks on Earth through metamorphism.

Utahraptor Megablock Relocation

In February 2020, with the help of a transport crew, we successfully relocated the Utahraptor Megablock from Thanksgiving Point’s Museum of Ancient Life to its new home at the Utah Core Research Center. Having the block on-site will allow UGS paleontologists, staff, and university students to work more closely and frequently to extract and prepare bones and fossils.


Earth scientists and educators working to preserve very unique and endangered geomorphic landforms in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.
Produced by Doug Prose and Diane LaMacchia.
Funding by the National Science Foundation.

Antelope Island Bioherm Flyover

Utah Geological Survey geologist Michael Vanden Berg teamed up with individuals from Loma Linda University to fly a drone/GoPro over the microbialites/bioherms in the shallow waters of Great Salt Lake on the northwestern tip of Antelope Island.

2019 Springville Rock Overview

On the evening of July 16, 2019, a boulder dislodged and traveled down a steep mountain side north of Springville, Utah, during the Round Peak Fire. The boulder traveled 2270 feet (692 meters) and was witnessed by firefighters and nearby homeowners.

Lake Bonneville Flood Animation

Short informational video animation of the rise and fall of Lake Bonneville.
Created by Aero-Graphics, Inc – Aerial Mapping

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Multimedia for Teachers
Ice Age

Includes information on Lake Bonneville and life in Utah during the latest Ice Age in Utah.

Multimedia for Teachers

Students will understand that volcanoes, earthquakes, uplift, weathering, and erosion reshape Earth’s surface. Based on fifth grade science concepts from core curriculum.

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