General Geology

Rocks & MineralsInformation on collecting, meteorites, landscape rocks, rock types, rock cycle, minerals, and mining.

Dinosaurs & FossilsInformation on dinosaurs, fossils, ice age wildlife, tracksites and collecting.
Earthquakes & Geologic HazardsGeologic hazards include earthquakes & faults, landslides & rock falls, radon, earth fissues & ground cracks.

Oil, Coal & EnergyIncludes information on oil & gas, coal, geothermal energy, carbon sequestration, and UGS energy news.

Great Salt Lake, Lake Bonneville & Bear LakeInformation on Great Salt Lake, ancient Lake Bonneville, and Bear Lake.
Glad You AskedSurvey Notes column that answers general geologic questions on a variety of subjects.

Geologic HistoryA brief geologic history of Utah; how rocks tell a story and other articles.
Utah LandformsLandforms of Utah and the physiographic provinces.
VolcanoesVolcanic features in Utah.
Ice AgeIce age information and wildlife and Utah’s glacial geology.
Groundwater & WetlandsInformation on Utah’s hydrologic cycle, hot springs, groundwater resources, and wetlands.
MultimediaUGS videos and PowerPoint presentations.