Groundwater Monitoring Data Portal

The Utah Geological Survey (UGS) developed the Groundwater Monitoring Data Portal to store and distribute large quantities of monitoring data acquired through the various monitoring networks that the UGS maintains. The portal allows easy access to view, query, and download groundwater monitoring data from a dataset containing more than 12 million records, including well and piezometer water-level records and spring and surface flow measurements. Individual wells or surface water monitoring locations may be selected and more information is available on their respective pages. Data may be viewed directly, downloaded in CSV format, or a well or spring summary report may be viewed or downloaded in PDF format. CSV files may be imported into Microsoft Excel or other software for further analysis and plotting. This application would not have been possible without the initial efforts of Kevin Thomas, Quinton Williams, Steve Bowman, Lucy Jordan, and Hugh Hurlow. 

Web Application Design: Brian Swaner (former UGS employee), Paul Inkenbrandt, Lance Weaver, and Jay Hill

Database Management: Martha Jensen
Snake Valley Well Network: Paul Inkenbrandt
Snake Valley Spring Network: J. Lucy Jordan
Wetlands Piezometer Data: Peter Goodwin
Hazards Piezometer Data: Adam Hiscock