Groundwater Monitoring Data Portal

Kevin Thomas, Quinton Williams, Steve Bowman, Lucy Jordan, and Hugh Hurlow

The UGS developed the Groundwater Monitoring Data Portal to store and distribute large quantities of monitoring data acquired through the West Desert Groundwater Monitoring-Well Project (including Snake Valley) and other projects. The portal allows easy access to view, query, and download groundwater monitoring data from a dataset containing over 7 million records.

Monitoring data may be accessed by selecting a groundwater project area and then selecting the specific site of interest. Individual wells may then be selected that are associated with each site. Information about sites and wells is available on their respective pages. Data may be viewed directly, downloaded in CSV (comma separated value) format, or a well summary report may be viewed or downloaded in PDF format. CSV files may be imported into Microsoft Excel or other software for further analysis and plotting.

Instantaneous, daily average, and monthly average data are available to download for the surface flow monitoring sites. Daily averages and monthly averages are the arithmetic mean of instantaneous measurements that have passed QA/QC inspection, and are calculated on-the-fly for each day or month, respectively. Instantaneous measurements are not weighted for the time period which they may represent.