7.5’ Quadrangle Geologic Maps

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These maps cover 7.5 minutes of latitude by 7.5 minutes of longitude, or about 55 square miles in Utah, and are the standard series for detailed geologic mapping. In this series, one inch on the map represents 24,000 inches, or 2,000 feet, on the ground.

Maps at other scales cover some of the gaps in Utah coverage: 1×2-degree quadrangle geologic maps, 30’x60′ quadrangle geologic maps

7.5′ quadrangle
Map Name
Series #
Agate Geologic map of the Agate quadrangle, Grand County, Utah by G.C. Willis, H.H. Doelling, and M.L. Ross, 34 p., 2 pl., 1996 Utah Geological Survey M-168
Allens Ranch Geologic map of the Allens Ranch quadrangle, North Tintic District, Utah County, Utah by P.D. Proctor, 18 p., 2 pl., 1985 Utah Geological Survey OFR-69
Alton Geologic map of the Alton quadrangle, Kane County, Utah, by Terry L. Tilton, 22 p., 2 pl., 2001 Utah Geological Survey MP-01-4
Antelope Island Geologic map of Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah (GIS reproduction of UGS Map 127 [1990]) by H.H. Doelling, G.C. Willis, M.E. Jensen, S. Hecker, W.F. Case, and J.S. Hand, 27 p, 2 pl, 1991 Utah Geological Survey M-127DR
Antelope Peak Geology of Antelope Peak quadrangle, Iron Co., Utah by S.K. Grant and P.D. Proctor, 20 p., 1 pl., 1988 Utah Geological Survey OFR-130
Antelope Range Geologic map of the Antelope Range quadrangle, Sevier and Piute Counties, Utah, by P.D. Rowley, C.G. Cunningham, T.A. Steven, H.H. Mehnert, and C.W. Naeser, 14 p., 2 pl., 1988 Utah Geological Survey M-106
Aurora Geologic map of the Aurora quadrangle, Sevier County, Utah by G.C. Willis, 21 p., 2 pl., 1988 Utah Geological Survey M-112
Baileys Lake Interim geologic map of the Baileys Lake quadrangle, Salt Lake and Davis Counties, Utah, by Adam P. McKean and Michael D. Hylland, CD, 18 p., 1 pl., scale 1:24,000, 2013 Utah Geological Survey OFR-624
Bear Lake South Geologic map of the Bear Lake South quadrangle, Rich County, Utah by J.C. Coogan, 16 p., 3 pl., 1:24,000 & 1:48,000, 1997 Utah Geological Survey MP-97-1
Bear River City Geologic map of the Bear River City quadrangle, Box Elder County, Utah, by M.E. Jensen, 12 p., 2 pl., 1994 Utah Geological Survey M-151
Beryl Junction Geologic map of Beryl Junction quadrangle, Iron County, Utah by M.A. Siders, 11 p., 2 pl., 1985 Utah Geological Survey M-85
Bicknell Interim geologic map of the Bicknell quadrangle, Wayne County, Utah, by Robert F. Biek, 18 p., 2 pl., 2016 Utah Geological Survey OFR-654
Big Bend Geologic map of the Big Bend quadrangle, Grand County, Utah by H. H. Doelling and M.L. Ross, 29 p., 2 pl., 1998 Utah Geological Survey M-171
Blue Mountain Geologic map of the Blue Mountain quadrangle, Beaver County, Utah by C.L. Beaver, L.F. Hintze, 17 p., 2 pl., 1993 Utah Geological Survey M-146
Boulder Mountain Provisional geologic map of the Boulder Mountain quadrangle, Cache County, Utah by A.R. Mork, 9 p., 2 pl., 1990 Utah Geological Survey M-125
Boulder Mountain The Wasatch Formation (Boulder Mtn) in the central Bear River Range, northern Utah by R.Q. Oaks Jr., and T.R. Run­nells, 79 p., 7 pl., 1992 Utah Geological Survey CR-92-08
Brian Head Geologic map of the Brian Head quadrangle, Iron County, Utah, by Peter D. Rowley, Robert F. Biek, Edward G. Sable, Jonathan T. Boswell, Garrett S. Vice, Stanley C. Hatfield, David J. Maxwell, and John J. Anderson, 38 p., 2 pl., 2013 Utah Geological Survey M-263
Brigham City Geologic map of the Brigham City 7.5-minute quadrangle, Box Elder and Cache Counties, Utah, by Mark E. Jensen and Jon K. King, 46 p., 2 pl., 1999 Utah Geological Survey M-173
Burns Knoll Geologic map of the Burns Knoll quadrangle, Beaver and Iron Counties, Utah by L.F. Hintze, M.G. Best, and C.L. Weaver, 10 p., 1 pl., 1990 Utah Geological Survey OFR-179
Burrville Interim geologic map of the Burrville quadrangle, Sevier and Piute Counties, Utah by Grant C. Willis and Hellmut H. Doelling, 19 p., 1 pl., 2019 Utah Geological Survey OFR-696

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