Geologic Hazards in Utah: A Guide for Homebuyers & Real-Estate Agents

Geologic Hazards in Utah

  • Geologic processes damage homes in Utah every year and endanger lives. Therefore, it is prudent to identify and understand the potential geologic hazards that exist when buying, building, or selling a home.
  • Earthquake-related hazards include ground shaking, fault rupture at the surface, liquefaction, and earthquake-induced landslides and flooding.
  • Slope failure, such as landslide, debris flow, and rock fall.
  • Problem soil conditions, such as expansive and collapsible soils, ground cracks and fissures, and land subsidence.
  • Flooding in floodplains, such as from rising streams, lakes, and shallow groundwater.
  • Radon is a radioactive gas that is produced from the natural decay of uranium.