Utah Earthquakes

Recent Utah Earthquakes, University of Utah Seismograph Stations (outside link)

Large earthquakes on the Wasatch fault

Putting down roots in earthquake country – your handbook for earthquakes in Utah, Utah Seismic Safety Commission (pdf)

Utah earthquakes (1850–2016) and Quaternary faults (pdf) Map 277

Photo essay of four Utah earthquakes, 1921-1972 (pdf) Public Information Series #72

Homebuyers guide to earthquake hazards in Utah (pdf) Public Information Series #38

Earthquakes & Utah (pdf) Public Information Series #48
A colorful, easily understandable brochure about where earthquakes occur and how often, what causes them, what some of the biggest have been & how they’re measured, what are the hazards, and a bit about the Wasatch fault.

The Wasatch Fault (pdf) Public Information Series #40
Written for the non-geologist and profusely illustrated. What is it, where is it, how to recognize it, building on it, what are earthquakes and how often do they occur, the future of the fault, and where to get more information.

Earthquake hazards and safety in Utah (pdf), Public Information Series #6
Includes graphic of earthquake epicenters in Utah from 1962-1990.

Glad You Asked: What is an Earthquake Early Warning System, and does Utah Have One?
Survey Notes, v. 47 no. 3, September 2015

UGS Responds to the Magnitude 6.0 Wells, Nevada, Earthquake
Survey Notes, v. 40 no. 2, May 2008