Preliminary Landslide History Database of Utah,

The Preliminary Landslide History Database of Utah, 1850-1978 provides mostly non-technical information on landslide events that occurred from 1850 to 1978. View the entire Preliminary Landslide History Database of Utah, 1850-1978 by Ashley Elliott and Michael Kirschbaum, Utah Geological Survey.

Ashley and Michael compiled this history of Utah landslides using newspaper articles and reference materials. The most useful resource was Public PIONEER: Utah's Online Library, which contains digitally archived newspapers available for search on the Web.

The database can be searched for landslide information using keyword searches such as decade, county, type, and cause (natural or human-caused) of landslides. By searching the database, it is possible to gain insight into the frequency, causes, and consequences of landsliding, as well as to identify landslide-prone areas of Utah.

Although the database is compiled from multiple sources, it is not a complete record of all landslide events in Utah. The sources used to compile the database may not include all landslide reports for the years searched. The database includes limited technical information on the landslides.

Data may be queried using the following attributes:

Landslide Type
Decade & County
Cause, Decade, & Landslide Type
Cause, County, & Landslide Type

Complete Preliminary Landslide Database of Utah, 1850-1978 (excel)

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